E-Mailing an Office XP File without Opening Outlook 2002 - dummies

E-Mailing an Office XP File without Opening Outlook 2002

By Bill Dyszel

You can e-mail any Office document from the Office application itself, without opening the Outlook 2002 e-mail module. Just follow these steps:

1. In the application that created it, open an Office document that you want to send.

Actually, you don’t even have to open the document, unless you wish to make changes to it before you send it. Just right-click on the document file in Windows Explorer or on the desktop and follow the rest of these steps.

2. Choose File–>Send To–>Mail Recipient (As Attachment).

A New Message form appears, displaying an icon for the file in the text box to indicate that the file is attached to the message.

3. Type the subject of the file and the name of the person to whom you’re sending the file.

If you want to add comments to your message, type them in the text box where the icon for the file is.

4. Click Send a Copy.

Your message goes to the Outbox. If you send your files by modem, you also have to switch to Outlook and press F5 to dial your e-mail service.

Word 2002 actually gives you two ways to send someone a file by e-mail. The method in the preceding step list sends the Word file as an attachment to a message. If you choose File–>Send To–>Mail Recipient, not as an attachment, Word sends the document as the body of your e-mail message. That’s better when you’re sending the message to someone in your office who uses all the same hardware and software as you do, but not when you send a message to a person over the Internet (sometimes the other person’s computer makes a mess of the message if you send it from Word). As a general rule, send Word documents as attachments to people outside the office.