Shortcut Keys for Manipulating Worksheets in Excel 2003

By Greg Harvey

Part of Excel 2003 for Dummies Cheat Sheet

Learning keyboard shortcuts will make operating your worksheets easier in Excel 2003. Here are some shortcut keys to basic commands in your Excel worksheets:

Press To
Ctrl+Page Down Activate next sheet in the workbook
Ctrl+Page Up Activate previous sheet in the workbook
Shift+Ctrl+Page Down Select current and next sheet in workbook
Shift+Ctrl+Page Up Select current and previous sheet in workbook
Shift+F11 or Alt+Shift+F1 Insert new sheet in workbook
Alt+OHR Rename current sheet (Format→Sheet→Rename
Alt+OHH Hide current sheet (Format→Sheet→Hide)
Alt+OHU Unhide current sheet (Format→Sheet→Unhide)
Alt+OHT Select new color for sheet tab (Format→Sheet→Tab
Alt+EM Move or copy current sheet in workbook or to new workbook
(Edit→Move or Copy Sheet)
Alt+ED Delete current sheet (Edit→Delete)