Selecting a Printer in Excel 2007 - dummies

By Greg Harvey

Windows Vista and XP allow you to install more than one printer for use with applications such as Excel 2007. If you’ve installed multiple printers, the first one installed becomes the default printer, which is used by all Windows applications, including Excel 2007. If you get a new printer, you must first install it from the Windows Vista or XP Control Panel before you can select and use the printer in Excel.

To select a new printer to use with Excel, follow these steps:

1Click the Office button and then click Print.

The Print dialog box opens. You also can press Ctrl+P to open this dialog box.

2Click the name of the printer that you want to use in the Name drop-down list.

If the printer that you want to use isn’t listed, you can try to find the printer with the Find Printer button.

3(Optional) Click the Properties button to the right of the Name box; click OK after changing any settings.

Use the Properties dialog box (which varies depending on the selected printer) to change any printer-specific settings, if necessary.

4Make any other required changes in the Print dialog box.

You can change the Print Range, Copies, Print What, and Collate settings.

5Click OK.

Excel 2007 prints your document to the newly selected printer.