Quick Data Summaries in Excel - dummies

By Conrad Carlberg

If you don’t like typing formulas — and who does? — you can quickly get data summaries on the Excel Status Bar. These summaries just show you the result — they don’t save anything. Suppose you want to know the smallest number (or the largest number, or the average, or the sum, and so on) in a list. Just follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the Status Bar — you’ll find it at the bottom of the Excel window — to get a shortcut menu.
  2. Choose None (to display no summary value) or Average, Count, Numerical Count, Min, Max, or Sum.

Now, when you select a range of cells on the worksheet, the Status Bar will display the summary value that you chose. You can also use the shortcut menu to enable or suppress other information that might show up on the Status Bar, such as the status of the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys.

The Status Bar itself can be suppressed and reenabled, but only through code such as VBA.