Perform Excel 2010 File Menu Commands with Handy Hot Keys

By Greg Harvey

Part of Excel 2010 Workbook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

You activate all of the Excel 2010 hot keys by pressing down the Alt key before you type the various sequences of mnemonic letters. The mnemonic letter for all of the commands on the Excel 2010 File menu in the new Backstage View is F (for File). Therefore, all you have to concentrate on learning in the following table is the second letter in the File menu hot key sequence.

Unfortunately, not all of these second letters are as easy to associate and remember as Alt+F. For example, check out the Info option hot key sequence, Alt+FE, where the second mnemonic letter doesn’t occur anywhere in the option name (either in the word Info or even Information)!

Hot Keys Excel Ribbon Command Function
Alt+FS File MenuSave Saves changes to a workbook. When you first select this command
for a new workbook, Excel displays the Save As dialog box
Alt+FA File MenuSave As Displays the Save As dialog box in the regular worksheet view
where you can modify the filename, location where the file is
saved, and format that the file is saved in
Alt+FO File MenuOpen Displays the Open dialog box in the regular worksheet view
where you can select a new Excel workbook to open for editing or
Alt+FC File MenuClose Closes the current workbook without exiting Excel
Alt+FE File MenuInfo Displays the Information panel in the Backstage View where you
can see a preview of the current worksheet along with statistics
about the workbook as well as protect the workbook, check the file
for compatibility issues, and manage different versions created by
the AutoRecover feature
Alt+FR File MenuRecent Displays a list of the last 20 workbook files most recently
opened for editing in Excel
Alt+FN File MenuNew Displays the Available Templates panel in the Backstage View
box where you can open a blank workbook or one from a template
Alt+FP File MenuPrint Displays the Print panel in the Backstage View where you can
change the print settings before sending the current worksheet,
workbook, or cell selection to the printer
Alt+FH File MenuShare Displays the Share panel in the Backstage View where you can
send the current workbook as an e-mail attachment or fax it using
Internet Fax, attach it to an e-mail as a PDF file, save it in a
new file format, or save it online to your company’s
SharePoint site or your own Windows Live SkyDrive
Alt+FL File MenuHelp Displays the Support panel in the Backstage View where you get
help using Excel, check for updates to the program, and get
statistics about the version of Excel 2010 you’re
Alt+FZ File MenuAdd Ins Displays a pop-up menu in the Backstage View with menus for
common commands for automatically installed add-in programs such as
the Acrobat PDF Maker add-in (on the Save As and Send Add-Ins
submenus) and the Microsoft ShareView add-in (on the Share
Alt+FI File MenuOptions Displays the Excel Options dialog box in the regular worksheet
view where you can change default program settings, modify the
buttons on the Quick Access toolbar, and customize the Excel
Alt+FX File MenuExit Excel Quits the Excel program and closes all open workbooks after
prompting you to save them