How to Use Theme Formatting in Excel 2013

By Faithe Wempen

Themes and table styles are two ways in Excel 2013 of applying formatting to an entire worksheet or data range at once. (Themes are formatting presets that you can apply to entire worksheets.) Each one can be used with preset settings or customized for an individual look. For each one, you can then save your custom formatting to reuse in other workbooks and tables.

Themes are standard across most Office applications (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), so you can standardize your formatting across all the documents you create.

In this exercise, you learn how to apply a theme and a color theme.

  1. Open your document in Excel.

  2. Choose Page Layout→Themes.

    A list of themes appears, as shown in this figure.


  3. Choose the Slice theme to apply it.

    Notice that the color of the fill behind cells A1:C1 changes, as do the fonts, as shown in this figure.


  4. Choose Page Layout→Colors.

    A list of color themes appears, as shown in this figure.


  5. Select Red.

    The colors change to a black background and yellow letters in cells A1:C1.

  6. Save the workbook.