How to Use Excel's CONVERT Function - dummies

By Ken Bluttman

CONVERT is a really great function that Excel provides. Not surprisingly, it converts things. More specifically, it converts measurements. The number of measurements it converts is truly impressive. The function converts feet to inches, meters to feet, Fahrenheit to Celsius, pints to liters, horsepower to watts, and much more.

In fact, more than a dozen categories contain dozens of units of measure to convert from and to. The major categories follow:

  • Weight and mass

  • Distance

  • Time

  • Pressure

  • Energy

  • Power

  • Temperature

  • Liquid measure

The function takes three arguments: the value, the “from” unit of measure, and the “to” unit of measure. As an example, here is the function syntax for converting 10 gallons to liters: =CONVERT(10,”gal”, “l”). By the way, the answer is 37.85.

Consult the Excel Help system for a full list of available conversions.