How to Create a Standard Slicer for Excel Dashboards - dummies

How to Create a Standard Slicer for Excel Dashboards

By Michael Alexander

Slicers give you the ability to add an attractive as well as interactive user interface to your dashboards and reports. Slicers allow you to filter your pivot table in a way that’s similar to the way Filter fields filter a pivot table. The difference is that slicers offer a user-friendly interface, enabling you to better manage the filter state of your pivot table reports.

It’s time to create your first slicer.

  1. Place your cursor anywhere inside your pivot table, then go up to the Ribbon and click the Analyze tab. There, click the Insert Slicer icon shown in this figure.


    This activates the Insert Slicers dialog box shown in the following figure. Select the dimensions you want to filter. In this example, the Region and Market slicers are created.


  2. After the slicers are created, simply click the filter values to filter your pivot table.

    As you can see in the following figure, clicking Midwest in the Region slicer not only filters your pivot table, but the Market slicer also responds by highlighting the markets that belong to the Midwest region.


    You can also select multiple values by holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while selecting the needed filters. In the following figure, the Ctrl key was held down while selecting Baltimore, California, Charlotte, and Chicago. This not only highlights the selected markets in the Market slicer, but it also highlights their associated regions in the Region slicer.


    To clear the filtering on a slicer, simply click the Clear Filter icon on the target slicer, as shown in the following figure.