How to Change a Row’s Height in Excel - dummies

How to Change a Row’s Height in Excel

By Faithe Wempen

You can resize rows and columns Excel 2013 in several ways. You can auto-fit the cells’ sizes to their content, manually drag the widths and heights, or enter a precise value for the widths and heights.

In this exercise, you learn how to adjust row heights in a variety of ways.

  1. Start Excel if needed, and open a file.

  2. Click a header for a row to select the entire row; then choose Home→Format→Row Height.

    The Row Height dialog box opens. Note what the row height is currently set to (in this case around 18.75 — yours may be slightly off from that. )

    The next few steps show you how to remove extra space.


  3. Type 14 in the Row Height box and click OK.

    Notice how the top of the capital letters in row 4 is too close to the cell’s upper border now.

  4. Position the mouse pointer between the 4 and 5 row headers so the pointer turns into a double-headed arrow. Then click and hold the mouse pointer over the divider.

    A ScreenTip appears, showing the current height.

  5. Drag downward until the ScreenTip reads 20.25 points, as shown in this figure, and then release the mouse button.


    You might not be able to drag to an exact amount because the amount has to match with a whole number of pixels. Depending on your screen resolution, the number of pixels that corresponds to a certain number of points may vary.

    In the figure, 27 pixels equal 20.25 points, but that might not be so for you. The same goes in Steps 5 and 7: The amounts may be slightly off, depending on your screen resolution.

  6. Position the mouse pointer again over the divider between the row 4 and 5 headers and then double-click.

    The row height auto-resizes to fit.

  7. Click the row 4 header to select the row; then right-click anywhere in the row and choose Row Height.

    The Row Height dialog box opens again. Notice that its setting is back to somewhere around 18.75.

  8. Click Cancel to close the dialog box.