Get Excel Help for Excel 2007 - dummies

By Greg Harvey

If you get stuck and have questions about Microsoft Office Excel 2007 features, you can use the Excel Help window to quickly find Excel 2007 help. The Excel Help button — the button with a question mark, located to the right of the last Ribbon tab — provides fast and easy access to concise Excel tutorials on everyfrom from Excel formulas to Excel macros, Excel templates to advanced Excel help.

1Click the Excel Help button or press F1.

The Excel Help window appears, and you see general categories of Help topics in the Browse Excel Help list. A toolbar appears near the top of the Excel window.

If you point to certain commands on the Ribbon that display a ScreenTip with the text Press F1 for Help, you can press F1 to see Help information related to that command.

2Click the Excel Help links until you find the topic you want.

Excel displays the text of the article in the Help window. You can read the article in this window or click the Print button in the Help window toolbar to print the article. Use the Back and Forward toolbar buttons to navigate through the Help topics.

3Click the Show Table of Contents button.

The Table of Contents button in the Help window toolbar looks like a closed book. When you click this button, it changes to an open book and the Table of Contents pane appears on the left side of the Help window. Click any book icon in the Table of Contents to display subtopics and articles.

4Type keywords in the Excel Search box and click the Search button.

Excel searches online for topics related to the keywords you type, such as Excel formula help. You can even search for guidance on earlier Excel versions, such as Excel 2003 help. If your computer doesn’t have Internet access when you perform the search, Excel displays only local help topics on your computer.

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