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Excel 2013 For Dummies eLearning Course: Spreadsheet Basics from the Experts

By Faithe Wempen

What do you need to know to get started with Excel, the world’s favorite spreadsheet program? Working comfortably with Excel 2013 requires information and insight into worksheets, formulas, functions, charts, and more — details that can seem overwhelming with such versatile software.

You’re likely to learn faster if an expert’s available to show you how to handle everything Excel offers. The Excel 2013 For Dummies eCourse walks you through ways in which you can store, organize, and manage data . . . and you set the pace!

In 11 lessons, the Excel 2013 eCourse builds your skills,

  • Beginning with setting up a worksheet

  • Moving to using formulas and function

  • Continuing to formatting data and printing worksheets

Through expert instruction and practice activities, you also

  • Explore storing and managing tables

  • Find out about validating data

  • Start customizing with PivotCharts

  • Get the inside scoop on correcting and protecting worksheet data

In addition, the eLearning package fills you in on how to work with financial, math, statistical, and text functions. And, if you’re interested in sharing workbook data, you’re in the right place to discover the details.

To check out what eLearning is all about, visit the Dummies Pick Your Course page. Or, you can head directly to the Excel 2013 For Dummies eCourse. With a click of the Try It! button, you’re on your way to creating formulas and functions — free, with a simple registration.

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