Copying Excel 2007 Formatting with Format Painter - dummies

Copying Excel 2007 Formatting with Format Painter

By Diane Koers

Use the Format Painter button on the Home tab of the Excel 2007 Ribbon to save time when copying formatting between cells in your worksheets. You also can use Format Painter to quickly copy the width of one column to another column. Just select the heading of the first column, click the Format Painter button, and then click the heading of the column where you want to apply the column width.

Double-click the Format Painter tool (instead of clicking it once) to lock it in so you can paint additional cells without having to reselect the tool. Click the Format Painter tool again to unlock it.

1Click a cell containing formatting you want to copy.

You only need to select a single cell that contains the desired formatting.

2Click the Format Painter button in the Clipboard group on the Home tab.

The mouse pointer changes to a white plus sign with a paintbrush. A marquee displays around the selected cell.

3Click or drag across the cells you want to format.

Excel immediately applies formats such as font, size, colors, borders, and alignment.