Taking Your Access 2002 Report to the Design View Tune-Up Shop - dummies

Taking Your Access 2002 Report to the Design View Tune-Up Shop

By John Kaufeld

The first stop in your quest for a better-looking Access report is Design view itself. After all, you can’t change anything in the report until the report is up on the jacks in the Design view. Thankfully, Access offers several easy ways to tow in your report for that much-needed tune-up. Precisely how you do it depends on where you are right now in Access 2002:

  • After creating a report with the Report Wizard, the wizard asks if you want to preview your creation or modify its design (even the wizard knows that its design skills are lacking!). Click the Modify the Report’s Designradio button to send the wizard’s creation straight into Design view.
  • If the report is on-screen in a preview, hop into Design view by clicking the Design View button on the toolbar.
  • To get into Design view from the database window, click the Reports button below the Objects bar and then click the name of the report you want to work on. Click the Design button (just above the report list in the Database window) to open the report in Design view.

No matter which method you use, Access 2002 sends you (and your report) to a Design view screen that looks a lot like Figure 1. Now you’re ready to overhaul that report!

Design view screen on Access 2002.

Figure 1: The Design view gives you all the tools you need to modify your reports.