Naming Database Fields in Access 2002 - dummies

Naming Database Fields in Access 2002

By John Kaufeld

Of all the Windows database programs out there, Access 2002 has the simplest field-naming rules. Just remember these guidelines to make your field names perfect every time.

  • Start with a letter or number.

    After the first character, you’re free to use any letter or number. You can include spaces in field names, too!

  • Make the field name short and easy to understand.

    You actually have up to 64 characters for a field name, but don’t even think about using all that space. But don’t get stingy and create names like N1 or AZ773 unless they mean something particular to your company or organization.

  • Use letters, numbers, and an occasional space in your field names.

    Although Access 2002 lets you include all kinds of crazy punctuation marks in field names, don’t do it. Keep it simple so that the solution you develop with Access 2002 doesn’t turn into a problem on its own.