8 Commonly Used Queries in Access 2007 - dummies

8 Commonly Used Queries in Access 2007

By Brian Underdahl, Darlene Underdahl

Part of Access 2007 Forms & Reports For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Queries are important keys that can help you create the types of forms and reports that you want in Access 2007. Here’s a list of the eight commonly used queries:

  • Append: Adds records to an existing table.

  • Crosstab: Calculates and displays summary results using a spreadsheet-like layout.

  • Delete: Permanently removes a specified set of records.

  • Make-Table: Creates a new table and adds records to the new table.

  • Parameter: Prompts for the record selection criteria whenever the query is executed.

  • Select: Displays records that match a specified set of criteria.

  • SQL-specific: Queries that can only be created using SQL statements.

  • Update: Modifies existing records in a database.