Selecting Text for a Word 2007 Index - dummies

By Doug Lowe

Creating an index in Word 2007 is a three-stage affair: First, you mark all the words and phrases within your document that you want to appear in the index. Second, you go to the Index group on the References tab and click the Insert Index button to create the index. (This command sorts all the words and phrases you’ve marked into alphabetical order, combining identical entries.) Third, you review the index and fix what you can.

You can mark the words you want to include in an index in two ways: manually, marking each word one by one; or automatically, giving Word a list of words you want in the index and letting it mark the words in the document.

1Open the document you want to index.

Somewhere you’ll find a likely candidate for the index.

2Select the word or phrase you want in the index by using the mouse or the keyboard.

This item is ready to be marked.

3Press the keyboard shortcut Alt+Shift+X.

The Mark Index Entry dialog box appears.

4Double-check the content in the Main Entry field. If it’s correct, click the Mark button. If not, correct it and then click Mark.

The text doesn’t have to appear in the index exactly as it appears in the document. You may highlight an abbreviation to include in the index, for example, but then edit the Main Entry field so the full spelling of the word (rather than the abbreviation) appears in the index.

5To index an entry under a different word, type the alternative entry in the Main Entry field and click the Mark button again.

For example, you might want to create an entry for “mutt, mangy” in addition to “mangy mutt.”

6Mark any additional index entries by highlighting them in the document and clicking the Mark button.

The Mark Index Entry dialog box works somewhat like the Spelling dialog box, staying on-screen so you can mark additional index entries efficiently. With the Mark Index Entry dialog box visible, you can select text for another index entry, click Mark to mark it, and keep on indexing.

7After you mark each of the index entries you want, click the Close button.

The index entries are marked with special codes formatted as hidden text so that you can’t normally see them and they don’t print. They are there, however, waiting to be counted when you create the index.