Office 2011 for Mac: Embed Objects in a Word Document - dummies

Office 2011 for Mac: Embed Objects in a Word Document

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

A Word 2011 for Mac document is so versatile that you can embed other kinds of object types, such as tables and charts, right inside a Word document. You can even embed another Word document.

The Object dialog displays a list of things you can embed in a Word document. To access this dialog and insert one of the objects, take these steps:

  1. In an open Word document, choose Insert→Object.


  2. Select or deselect the Display as Icon check box as desired.

    If you select this option, the embedded object appears in your document as an icon that can be double-clicked to open the embedded object.

    If you don’t select this option, the embedded object itself or a preview of the object displays in the Word document.

  3. Select an object type from the Object Type list or click the From File button.


You might think that having an embedded object in a Word document, especially if it’s another Word document, is confusing. If so, select the Display as Icon check box before you click OK in either the Object dialog or the Insert as Object dialog. If you’ve inserted an object and displayed it as an icon, you can choose a picture instead of the default icon by following these steps:

  1. Right-click or Control-click the icon (or the blank spot where the icon is supposed to be) and from the pop-up menu, choose Format→Object.

  2. If it’s not selected already, in the Format Object dialog, select the Colors and Lines tab.

  3. In the Fill area, click the Color pop-up menu and choose Fill Effects.

  4. Select the Picture tab and then click the Select Picture button.

  5. Navigate or use Spotlight to find and then select a nice, small picture (JPEG or another format) to use as the icon.

  6. Click the Insert button.

  7. Click OK to close the Insert Picture dialog and click OK to close the Format Object dialog.

    The picture is on the icon placeholder for your embedded object. Double-click the picture to activate the embedded object.