How to Format Fonts in Word 2007 Bulleted Lists - dummies

How to Format Fonts in Word 2007 Bulleted Lists

By Doug Lowe

You can format a bulleted list in Word by changing the font formatting for the bullet and by changing the indentation of the list. The quickest way to create a custom bulleted list is to change the formatting of an existing (or automatically created) bulleted list. When you begin a paragraph with * or > or -> or <> or – followed by a space; Word changes what you typed to a bullet and a tab and formats the text as a bulleted list item with a hanging indent. (If the paragraphs already have hanging indents, the original settings are preserved.)

1To reformat a character used as a bullet, select the bullets in the list and then select a font-formatting control on the Ribbon’s Home tab.

This tab is where you format the font of your bullet points. If you want to use your new format frequently, add the reformatted bullet to your Bullet Library.

2To change the position of the bullet and text, click one of the bullets in the list.

Be sure to select the whole list rather than just one or more items in the list. Word changes only the paragraphs you select.

3Right-click one of the bullets in the list and choose Adjust List Indents.

The Adjust List Indents dialog box appears.

4Change the value of the Text Indent option to control where the text is positioned.

By default, Word positions the text at a 1/2-inch indent.

5Change the Bullet position to control how far the bullet is from the left margin.

The greater this value is, the closer the bullet will be to the text.

6If you want the bullet to be part of the text rather than separated with a tab, change the option selected in the Follow Number With drop-down list.

Yes, the option says “Number” when you’re working with bullets; ignore it.

7If you want to include a tab on each line in the list, select the Add Tab Stop At option.

When this option is active, you can specify where the tab stop is inserted.

8Click OK.

Line up your list to where you want it; if necessary, follow these steps again.