How to Create Bulleted Lists Automatically in Word 2007 - dummies

How to Create Bulleted Lists Automatically in Word 2007

By Doug Lowe

Word 2007 can create bulleted lists automatically, using Ribbon buttons or its AutoCorrect feature. The List buttons are the first three buttons in the upper row of Paragraph tab on the Ribbon.

1To create a simple bulleted list before you type anything, click the leftmost List button; otherwise go to the next step.

You can start right off with a bulleted list — no mess, no fuss, no cleanup.

2To create a paragraph and change it to a list item, type the first item of your list.

Don’t press Enter yet.

3Click the Bullet button on the Home tab.

A bullet is added to the paragraph.

4Press Enter to begin the next item.

A new paragraph with a bullet is created.

5Type the rest of the list.

Press Enter after you type each item of the list. Word adds bullets automatically.

6When you’re done, press Enter twice.

Pressing Enter the second time removes the bullet for the last item of the list.

7To change the list back to paragraphs, select it and click the Bullet button twice.

Word changes the bulleted list back to consecutive paragraphs, takes away the indent, and makes all remaining bullets disappear.