Opening the Excel Workbook Gallery in Office 2011 for Mac - dummies

Opening the Excel Workbook Gallery in Office 2011 for Mac

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

The default behavior for opening Excel for Mac 2011 is the display All Templates option of the Excel Workbook Gallery. You can also display the Templates Gallery by choosing File→New from Template from the menu bar or by pressing Command-Shift-P.


The first template in the All category is Excel Workbook, the template that you use to start a new, blank workbook. The rest of the templates are categorized and searchable, so you can browse or search to find a template to use or customize. Other Excel Workbook Gallery tools are as follows:

  • Show/Hide Right Pane: Choose to show or hide the Template preview.

  • Templates list

    • All: Displays all templates stored on your computer.

    • My Templates: Displays templates you saved in the My Templates folder, specified in Excel’s preferences.

    • Built-In Templates: Many categories of built-in templates are included with Office such as those for Time Management, Business Essentials, Personal Finance, and so on.

    • Online Templates: Click the disclosure triangle next to Templates to hide the local templates. Then click the disclosure triangle next to Online Templates to display the many categories of online templates. This feature requires a live Internet connection, and is new for Office 2011.

  • Search: By default, this text box searches template names and keywords of local templates. You can also search online templates if the online disclosure triangle has been activated. When one of the Recent Workbook time frames is selected, this text box searches Recent Workbooks instead of templates.

  • Preview and Navigation: Displays a preview of the template selected in the larger pane. If the template has multiple pages, click the navigation arrows to scroll through the template.

  • Recent Workbooks: Up to one month’s worth of recently opened workbooks are available. You can show all, or filter by Today, Yesterday, Past Week, or Past Month. When any Recent Workbook option is selected, Search works on Recent Workbooks instead of local templates.

  • Show/Hide Recent Workbooks: This toggle button displays or hides this section of the gallery.

  • Don’t Show This When Opening Excel: When checked, the Excel Workbook Gallery will not display when Excel is opened. You can still access it by choosing the File→New from Template.

  • Size: Drag the slider left and right to change the size of previews in the larger pane. Click the icon on the left end to choose the smallest size. Choose the icon on the right end of the slider to choose the largest.

  • Cancel: If you just opened Excel, clicking Cancel takes you to a new, blank Excel Workbook. If Excel was already running when you opened the Excel Workbook Gallery, clicking Cancel closes the gallery without opening a workbook.

  • Choose: Opens the selected template in Excel.