Let Excel for Mac 2011 Type a Cell Formula for You - dummies

Let Excel for Mac 2011 Type a Cell Formula for You

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Cell formulas are equations that perform calculations or logical operations. In Excel for Mac 2011, you can enter a formula on your own, or you can use the Formula Builder, which helps you build formulae by using a step-by-step structured wizard-like method.

Here’s an example that shows you how to let Excel type for you in Office 2011 for Mac so you’re less likely to make a typing mistake in a formula:

  1. Start with a blank worksheet.

  2. Type 1 into cells A1 and B1.

    The value of 1 displays in cells A1 and B1.


  3. In cell C1, type the equals sign (=), click cell A1, type the plus sign (+), and then click cell B1.

    After you type the equals sign and move the mouse, the cursor changes. A cell selection indicator moves with the mouse. When you put the selection indicator over cell A1, clicking the mouse tells Excel you want to use the value of cell A1 in the formula and types it for you. You can do the same with cell B1.

  4. Click the green Enter button when done.

    Excel displays the value of the formula in cell A1 and displays the formula in the Formula bar.

You’re allowed to select ranges of cells, which is a great help when working with complicated formulas.