How to Copy and Paste in an Excel 2011 for Mac Worksheet - dummies

How to Copy and Paste in an Excel 2011 for Mac Worksheet

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

The first thing to consider when copying and pasting content into Excel in Office 2011 for Mac from Excel (or some other application) is to think about the nature of what you’re attempting to copy. Cells, cell ranges, and formulas are treated differently from other kinds of things, such as SmartArt, equations, and charts.

If you’re used to copying and pasting, you know that if you select some text and then copy and paste, the default settings paste the text, along with the text format — such as blue (or another font color), bold, or italic.

Follow this simple example to copy and paste in Excel:

  1. Select a nonempty cell or any worksheet object to copy.

  2. Use one of the usual copy methods.

    Click the Copy button on the Standard toolbar, press Command-C, or choose Edit→Copy.

  3. Click in the cell where you want to paste and choose any of the typical paste methods.

    Click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar (or the Home tab of the Ribbon), press Command-V, or choose Edit→Paste.

    Your content appears along with a small widget. Choosing Edit→Paste Special produces a Paste Special dialog, described in the following section.

  4. Click the widget.

    When you click the widget, you can see all your pasting options. The paste from Clipboard widget is context-sensitive, offering various options related to the kind of content or object you are pasting.


    When copying and pasting, you have to click the widget before you start working in another cell; otherwise, the widget goes away.