How to Choose a Format for Excel Data on the iPad - dummies

How to Choose a Format for Excel Data on the iPad

By Peter Weverka

As well as numbers, Excel can compute date and time values on your iPad. When you enter data in a cell, tell Excel what type of data you propose to enter by choosing an option on the Data Format drop‐down list. To wit, follow these instructions to choose a format for data:

  1. Select the cells.

  2. On the Home tab, tap the Data Format button.

    A drop‐down list with data formats appears.

  3. Select a format on the drop‐down list.

  4. Tap the Options button next to the name of the format you selected.

    A submenu of options appears. Which options are on the submenu depends on the data format you chose.

  5. Choose an option on the submenu.

    You can tell which data format was chosen for a cell by selecting the cell and looking at the Data Format button. It lists the format that is assigned to the cell.

    Format What You Enter
    General Text or numbers with no specific format
    Number Numbers with no specific format
    Currency Monetary values; choose among different currencies
    Accounting Monetary values (choose this option to line up currency symbols
    and decimal points in a column)
    Date Date values
    Time Time values
    Percentage Numbers as percentage values (to obtain the values, Excel
    multiplies the cell values by 100 and shows the result with a
    percent symbol)
    Fraction The value as a fraction (choose a fraction on the submenu)
    Scientific Numbers in scientific notation
    Text Numbers treated as text (choose this option when numbers are
    used as descriptive labels)
    Special Numbers that identify ZIP codes, phone numbers, or Social
    Security numbers