How to Add Effects to an Excel Worksheet on the iPad - dummies

How to Add Effects to an Excel Worksheet on the iPad

By Peter Weverka

Excel for the iPad offers a handful of commands that you can use to dress up a worksheet and make it more presentable. You can apply colors to cells, draw borders around cells to call attention to data, and take advantage of cell styles to have Excel do the formatting work for you.

Select the cells you want to dress up, go to the Home tab, and follow these instructions to give your worksheet more pizazz:

  • Applying color: Tap the Fill Color button and choose a color on the drop‐down list. Choose No Fill (near the bottom of the list) to remove colors from cells.

  • Drawing borders: Tap the Cell Borders button and choose a border on the drop‐down list. The No Border option removes borders from cells.

  • Applying a cell style: Tap the Cell Styles button and choose a style from the drop‐down list. Choose the first option to remove a style.

You can copy cell formats from one cell range to another. To do so, select the cells with the formatting you want to copy and tap the Copy button on the popover menu. Then select the cells to which you will copy the formatting and choose Paste Format on the popover menu.

Another way to dress up a worksheet is to capture worksheet data in a table. Excel offers readymade table formats that you can apply to data. What’s more, after you put data in a table, you can sort and filter data in the table.