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Excel 2011 for Mac: Track Changes in a Worksheet

By Geetesh Bajaj, James Gordon

Say that you want multiple people to work on an Excel workbook in Office 2011 for Mac that you plan to distribute via e-mail, SkyDrive, SharePoint, or other means. You distribute a workbook to several people. Each person makes changes and then returns the changed workbook to you. After that, you decide which changes to accept or reject for the final version.

Before you use the Share Workbook, consider turning on the Protect Shared Workbook feature so that only you have the authority to delete the change history.

To turn on track changes, follow these steps:

  1. Open a workbook.

  2. Choose Tools→Track Changes→Highlight Changes. Or, on the Ribbon, select the Review tab, go to the Share group, and choose Track Changes→Highlight Changes.


  3. Select the Track Changes While Editing check box.

    Your workbook is now in Workbook Sharing mode. Some features are disabled in Sharing mode.

  4. In the Highlight Which Changes section, select the When check box to display a pop-up menu and choose an option.

    Tell Excel when to begin tracking changes. Generally, you choose All, meaning Excel tracks changes all the time.

  5. Select the Who check box and then click the pop-up menu and choose whose changes you want Excel to track.

  6. To limit tracking to a particular range, select the Where check box and type the name of an existing cell range or table into the Where field.

    You can also select the range by clicking the select cells button beside the Where field and dragging over the desired area in the worksheet.

  7. (Optional) Select the Highlight Changes on Screen option if you want Excel to highlight changed cells.

    If you select this option, Excel gives changed cells special borders and blue-triangle comment indicators that you can hover over to reveal the changes.

  8. Select List Changes on a New Sheet to create a new sheet that displays a report of the changes made.

  9. Click OK to close the Highlight Changes dialog.

    Excel prompts you to save your workbook. Your workbook can now be opened simultaneously by everyone who has access to the folder.