InDesign CS5 Window Shortcuts - dummies

InDesign CS5 Window Shortcuts

By Galen Gruman

Part of InDesign CS5 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Documents in InDesign can come in all shapes and sizes. When you need to zoom in for a close look at a detail, use guides and rulers to precisely position content, or step back to see the whole picture, these commands make it happen without disturbing your mouse.

Function Macintosh Windows
Zoom in Command key+= Ctrl+=
Zoom out Command key+– Ctrl+–
Fit page in window Command key+0 Ctrl+0
Fit spread in window Option+Command key+0 Ctrl+Alt+0
Display actual size Command key+1 Ctrl+1
Display at 50% Command key+5 Ctrl+5
Display at 200% Command key+2 Ctrl+2
Show/hide rulers Command key+R Ctrl+R
Show hidden characters Option+Command key+I Ctrl+Alt+I
Preview interactivity in Preview panel Shift+Command key+Return Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Show/hide guides Command key+; Ctrl+;
Lock/unlock guides Option+Command key+; Ctrl+Alt+;
Snap to guides on/off Shift+Command key+; Ctrl+Shift+;
Show/hide baseline grid Option+Command key+” Ctrl+Alt+”
Show/hide document grid Command key+” Ctrl+”
Toggle smart guides on/off Command key+U Ctrl+U