InDesign CS5 Text Shortcuts - dummies

InDesign CS5 Text Shortcuts

By Galen Gruman

Part of InDesign CS5 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

InDesign text can be formatted, positioned, and arranged in tables with the mouse or a key command. If you’re selecting text with the mouse, one of these quick commands can style or position your text without changing the mouse position.

Function Macintosh Windows
Bold Shift+Command key+B Ctrl+Shift+B
Italic Shift+Command key+I Ctrl+Shift+I
Normal Shift+Command key+Y Ctrl+Shift+Y
Underline Shift+Command key+U Ctrl+Shift+U
Strikethrough Shift+Command key+/ Ctrl+Shift+/
Superscript Shift+Command key+= Ctrl+Shift+=
Subscript Option+Shift+Command key+= Ctrl+Alt+Shift+=
Align left Shift+Command key+L Ctrl+Shift+L
Align right Shift+Command key+R Ctrl+Shift+R
Align center Shift+Command key+C Ctrl+Shift+C
Justify left Shift+Command key+J Ctrl+Shift+J
Justify right Option+Shift+Command key+R Ctrl+Alt+Shift+R
Justify center Option+Shift+Command key+C Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C
Align to baseline grid on/off Option+Shift+Command key+G Ctrl+Alt+Shift+G
Insert table Option+Shift+Command key+T Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T
Insert column Option+Command key+9 Ctrl+Alt+9
Insert row Command key+9 Ctrl+9