Using the Transform Panel to Manipulate InDesign CS5 Text Frames

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

You can manually move or resize an InDesign Creative Suite 5 text frame. To change a frame’s location or its dimensions more precisely, use the Transform panel instead.

  1. Choose Window→Object and Layout→Transform.

    The Transform panel appears.

  2. Change the values in the X and Y text fields.

    The frame is moved accordingly, away from the upper left corner of the page, which is X=1 and Y=1.

    The frame’s reference point (a square along the edge or middle of the frame), appears on the Reference Point Indicator. The X and Y coordinates you set match the position of this frame point on the page.

    Change the reference point by clicking any point in the reference point indicator in the upper left corner of the control panel.

  3. Change the values in the W and H text fields.

    The text frame’s width and height changes to the exact dimensions you specify.

You can not only resize and move text frames but also change their shapes. Select a text frame and choose the Direct Selection tool from the Tools panel. You can then select the corners on the text frame and move them to reshape the text frame.