Select Color Modes in InDesign Creative Suite 5 - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

You have several different color modes and options to choose when working in Adobe InDesign CS5. Use swatches whenever possible because they use named colors that a service provider can match exactly. A swatch can have exactly the same appearance as any color you choose that’s unnamed, but a swatch establishes a link between the color on the page and the name of a color.

Because the use of color in print media can be quite a science, you must have control over how your documents print on the page. You can use these color controls for choosing colors for selections in a document:

  • Stroke color: Choose colors for strokes and paths in InDesign. A hollow box represents the Stroke color control.

  • Fill color: Choose colors for filling shapes. A solid square box represents the Fill color control.

    You can toggle between the Fill and Stroke color controls by clicking them. Alternatively, you can press X on the keyboard to toggle between selected controls.

  • Text color: When you’re working with text, a different color control becomes active. The Text color control is visible and displays the selected text color. Text can have both the stroke and fill colored.

To apply colors to selections, you can click the Apply color button below the color controls in the Tools panel. Alternatively, you can select and click a color swatch.

The default colors in InDesign are a black stroke and no fill color. Restore the default colors at any time by pressing D. This shortcut works while using any tool except the Type tool.