Select and Edit Images InDesign Creative Suite 5 Documents - dummies

Select and Edit Images InDesign Creative Suite 5 Documents

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

After you import an image into an InDesign CS5 document, you can select images in several different ways with the Selection or Direct Selection tools.

To select and then edit an image on the page, follow these steps:

1Place an image on the page.

You can either import or paste it. The image is placed within a graphic frame.

2With the Selection tool, drag a corner handle on the graphic frame in towards the center of the frame.

The graphic frame is resized but not the image. The image appears to be cropped because you resized the graphic frame — though the image remains the same size within the frame.

3Choose Edit→Undo or press Ctrl+Z (Windows) or Command+Z (Mac) to undo changes to the image.

The image returns to its original appearance on the page.

4Use the Selection tool to click the circle in the center of the picture and move the picture within the frame.

The frame remains the same size, but its content is relocated. You can also use the Selection tool to move the frame and contents together by clicking anywhere within the frame; however, it is good practice to click on the center section, because this works with both the Selection and Direct Selection tools.

5Switch to the Direct Selection tool and then click within the image and drag to move the image within the graphic frame-bounding box.

A hand appears when you move the cursor over the graphic; when you move the image just past the edge of the graphic frame boundaries, that part of the image is no longer visible — it doesn’t print and doesn’t show when exported.

When you reposition a graphic within a frame, the entire image appears. Areas outside the frame appear ghosted. Seeing the dimmed image allows you to crop more effectively.

You can set the frame or image to resize by choosing Object→Fitting and selecting an option. You can even set this fitting before you place an image, which is especially helpful when creating templates. Resize before an image is placed by choosing Object→Fitting→Frame Fitting Options.

6Click on Links to open the Links panel.

The Links panel can help you find images within documents, open images so that you can edit them, and view important information about selected images.