Save Paragraph Styles in an InDesign CS5 - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

With paragraph styles, you can save exactly how a paragraph looks (font, size, indents, alignment, and so on) and apply those styles to other paragraphs quickly. Change the style, and it automatically updates all paragraphs with that same style.

  1. Create a text frame, add text, and apply the styles you want.

    Select some text — you don’t have to select it all.

  2. Choose Window→Type & Tables→Paragraph Styles.

    The Paragraph Styles panel opens.

  3. From the Paragraph Styles panel menu, choose New Paragraph Style.

    The New Paragraph Style dialog box opens. Note that every attribute, font, size, and indent is already recorded in this unnamed style. You don’t have to do anything at this point other than name the style.

  4. Change the name from Paragraph Style 1 to something more appropriate, such as BodyCopy, and click OK.

    Your style is created! After you click OK, the dialog box closes and the new style is added to the Paragraph Styles panel list.

    Apply the style to other text frames by selecting the frame and clicking the style in the Paragraph Styles panel.

Modify the settings of a style by double-clicking the style name in the Paragraph Styles panel. Select an item in the list on the left side to view and change its associated paragraph properties on the right side of the dialog box and update all instances of that paragraph style.

You can import paragraph styles from other documents or from a file on your hard drive, which is particularly useful when you need to use a particular set of styles for a template. To import paragraph styles, choose Load Paragraph Styles from the Paragraph Styles panel menu. A dialog box prompts you to browse your hard drive for a file. Select the file to load and click OK.