Move InDesign CS5 Objects - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

You can move an object in InDesign Creative Suite 5 by using the Free Transform tool or the Transform panel. Use the panel to enter a specific degree that you want the object to rotate. The Free Transform tool lets you visually manipulate the object on the page.

To move an object using the Free Transform tool, follow these steps:

1Use the Selection tool to select an object on the page.

You can use an object that’s already on the page or create a new shape by using the drawing tools. When the object is selected, you see handles around its edges.

2Select the Free Transform tool from the Tools panel.

The cursor changes to the Free Transform tool.

3Move the cursor over the middle of the selected object.

The cursor changes its appearance to indicate that you can drag to move the object. If you move the cursor outside the edges of the object, the cursor changes when other tools, such as rotate, scale, and shear, become active.

4Drag the object to a different location.

The object is moved to a new location on the page.