How to Export Adobe InDesign CS6 Files to Flash - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Using InDesign CS6, you can export an InDesign document as a Flash Professional file (FLA) that can be edited in Flash CS6, or as a Flash Player (SWF) file that can be viewed (but not edited).

Many modern web browsers do not support Flash, including the browsers on the Apple iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone. Microsoft has announced that the next-generation Internet Explorer browser will not support plug-ins such as Flash. Because the Flash file format is currently on the decline, you should carefully consider whether you want to export to Flash at all. You should review other options for exporting digital documents.

To export to the Flash Player (SWF) format, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File→Export.

    The Export dialog box appears.

  2. Choose a location to save the files, enter a new filename, and choose Flash Player (SWF) from the Save As Type (Windows) or Format (Mac) drop-down list.

    If you need to include video, audio, animation, or complex interactivity, export the file in Flash CS6 Professional (FLA) format because you can then use Flash Professional to modify and edit the file until it meets your exact needs.

    While the SWF format will quickly create a SWF version of your document which can be viewed online, it doesn’t provide you with an option to refine and edit your choices after exporting. To create an FLA file that can be edited using Flash CS6 Professional, choose Flash CS6 Professional (FLA) as the export choice instead of Flash Player (SWF).

    In the Export SWF dialog box, you can set the output size, specify pages to include, and make various conversion and compression choices.


  3. Choose the size you want for the exported file.

    Select the Scale option and leave the drop-down list at 100% if you don’t want to change the size of the exported file. Otherwise, select the Fit To option and select from the drop-down list or select the Width option and enter your own dimensions in the Width and Height drop-down lists.

  4. Select which page or pages you want to export.

    Select the All Pages option to export the entire document; select Range and enter a page number if you want to export only a specific page or pages.

  5. Select the Interactivity options you want by choosing whether you want to include all interactive options or only those that affect appearance.

  6. Choose whether you want an interactive page curl to appear at the top corner of the document page.

  7. Click OK to export your InDesign document as a Flash file.