Create a New InDesign CS5 Publication - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Adobe InDesign Creative Suite 5 can be used to create all sorts of new publications: newsletters, books, and magazines; and HTML pages and PDF documents with interactivity or videos. After you launch InDesign CS5, you can create a new InDesign publication.

1Choose File→New→Document.

The New Document dialog box opens.

2Select whether you’re designing for Print or Web from the Intent drop-down menu.

The settings for some options such as Orientation change depending on your intent.

3Enter a value in the Number of Pages text field for the number of pages in the document.

This value can be between 1 and 9999. If you want a text frame on the master page, select the Master Text Frame check box.

4Select the Facing Pages check box to have the pages arranged as spreads with left and right pages.

This option is not applicable for the web. With this option selected, pages in your document are arranged in pairs, so you have spreads (facing pages) like a book or magazine.

5Choose a page size for the document from the Page Size drop-down list.

The page size should be set to the size of paper you intend to print on or the size at which the content will be displayed.

The Page Size drop-down list also includes resolution sizes such as 1024 x 768, which is helpful if you’re creating a web page or an interactive PDF.

You can enter page sizes using most common forms of measurement or just use the appropriate abbreviation. For example, you enter 8 in. for 8 inches or 15 cm for 15 centimeters.

6Choose a number for the columns on the page.

This step sets nonprinting guides for columns, which helps you organize your page. You can also enter a value in the Gutter field, which specifies the space between each of the columns.

7Choose values for the page margins.

Click the Make All Settings the Same button (the chain icon) to set all margins to the same value.

The inside margins refer to the margins at the middle of the spread, and the outside margins refer to the outer left and right margins of a book or magazine. Change the Inside setting to accommodate the binding of a book, which may need wider margins than the outside.

8When you’re finished, click OK.

After you click OK in the New Document dialog box, the new document is created with the settings you just specified.