Choose Color from InDesign CS5 Swatch Libraries - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Use color swatches whenever possible in InDesign Creative Suite 5 because they use named colors that a professional printer can match exactly. Swatch libraries, also known as color libraries, are standardized sets of named colors that help you because they’re the most commonly and frequently used sets of color swatches.

You can avoid trying to mix your own colors, which can be a difficult or tedious process to get right. For example, InDesign includes a swatch library for Pantone spot colors and a different library for Pantone process colors. These libraries are quite useful if you’re working with either color set.

To choose a swatch from a swatch library, follow these steps:

1Choose New Color Swatch from the Swatches panel menu.

The New Color Swatch dialog box opens.

2Choose the color type you want to work with from the Color Type drop-down list.

Choose from Process or Spot Color types.

3Select a color library from the Color Mode drop-down list.

The drop-down list contains a list of color swatch libraries to choose from, such as Pantone Process Coated or TRUMATCH. After choosing a swatch set, the library opens and appears in the dialog box. For this example, we chose standard, solid-coated Pantone. If you’re looking for the standard numbered Pantone colors, this set is the easiest to choose from. The Pantone solid-coated library of swatches loads.

4Pick a swatch from the library.

Type a Pantone number, if you have one, in the Pantone text box. Most companies have set Pantone colors that they use for consistency. You can also scroll and click a swatch in the library’s list of colors.

Picking Pantone colors this way is rarely accurate. Spending money on the Pantone Color Bridge Set is a wise investment.

5Click the Add button.

This step adds the swatch to your list of color swatches in the Swatches panel. You can add as many color swatches as you like.

6When you finish adding swatches, click the Done button.

After you add a new color, the swatch is added to the list of swatches in the swatches panel and is ready to use in your project. Look in the swatches panel to see the newly added colors.