Website Publication with Adobe CS5 Dreamweaver - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Adobe CS5) Dreamweaver tools help you finalize the publication of your website. After your connection is established, you’re ready to upload files and present your website to the world. Files can be transferred to and from your remote web server by using the built-in FTP functionality of the Files panel.

Upload your website using Dreamweaver

  1. Choose Window→Files to open the Files panel.

  2. Click the Expand to Show Local and Remote Sites icon.

    The panel expands so that you see both the local site and the remote site to which you want to copy (upload) the files.

  3. Make sure that the correct site definition is selected in the Show drop-down list in the upper left corner of the panel.

    Your local files appear on the right.

  4. To connect to and display files on the remote web server, click the Connect button at the top of the panel.

    When the connection is made, all files (if any) are displayed on the left side of the panel.

  5. To copy files, select and drag them from the local files on the right to the remote files on the left.

    Alternatively, select the files you want to copy on the right and click the Put button at the top of the Files panel.

    You can put all of the files within your site on your web server at once by selecting the root folder at the top of the local files panel and clicking the Put button.


  6. After you copy all files to the remote web server, test your site by opening a browser and typing the website’s URL.

    The URL is a full address, such as, or an IP address, such as

    If you notice broken images or files, return to Dreamweaver to double-check whether all files were copied to the server and then run the Link Checker by choosing Site→Check Links Sitewide.

Download your files using Dreamweaver

  1. Select the files you want to retrieve from the remote files on the left side of the Files panel.

  2. Click the Get button (which appears as a green, downward pointing arrow) at the top of the panel or drag the files to the local root folder on the right.

To return the Files panel to its original position on the right side of the workspace, click the Expand button in the upper right corner of the panel to deselect it. The Files panel minimizes and docks back with the panel group on the right.