The Dreamweaver Validation Panel - dummies

By David Karlins, Doug Sahlin

To submit an open page in Dreamweaver for validation, choose File→Validate Current Document (W3C). When you do, the W3C Validator Notification dialog box appears. W3C is the organization and website that defines standards for HTML code. It provides tools for testing HTML to see if the code complies with W3C rules.


Click OK to submit the open page to W3C’s validation tools. The results appear in the Validation panel.

You can hide (or reopen) the Validation panel by choosing Window→Results, the Validation panel. That panel automatically launches when you run validation. This is where the results of the tests and validators are displayed, along with additional information where appropriate. Double-click a line item, and Dreamweaver takes you to the error in the code; this helps you quickly locate and fix issues.


Also, the Validation panel can give the code line numbers for each error that it finds. Just turn on the code line numbers in the Code View Options by choosing View→Code View Options→Line Numbers. The line numbers are displayed in the margin of Code view.

The Validation panel also has options to test your links. An easy way to do that is to select File→Check Page→Links. A report appears in the Reports panel.