Save Time with Dreamweaver CS5 Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

Save Time with Dreamweaver CS5 Keyboard Shortcuts

By Sue Jenkins, Richard Wagner

Part of Dreamweaver CS5 All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Using Dreamweaver CS5 is so much faster when you know the shortcuts. Use these keyboard shortcuts in Design, Split, and Code views to quickly create documents, perform editing tasks, hide and show workspace features, apply simple formatting, edit code, make selections, access Dreamweaver help, preview pages in Live View and in a browser, and more.

Keyboard Commands PC Shortcut Mac Shortcut
Create a new document Control+N Command+N
Open an existing document Control+O Command+O
Save an open document Control+S Command+S
Close an open document Control+W Command+W
Close all open documents Control+Shift+W Command+Shift +W
Exit/Quit Dreamweaver Control+Q or Alt+F4 Command+Q or Opt+F4
Undo Control+Z or Alt+Backspace Option+Delete
Redo Control+Y or
Control +Shift+Z
Command+Y or Command+Shift+Z
Cut Control+X or
Command+X or
Copy Control+C Command+C
Paste Control+V Command+V
Paste special Control+Shift+V Command+Shift+V
Select all Control+A Command+A
Find and replace Control+F Command+F
Open the Preferences panel Control+U Command+U
Show/hide rulers Control+Alt+R Command+Option+R
Show/hide guides Control+; Command+;
Show/hide visual aids Control+Shift+I Command+Shift+I
Show/hide grid Control+Alt+G Command+Option+G
Edit page properties Control+J Command+J
Refresh Design view F5 F5
Make selected text bold Control+B Command+B
Make selected text italic Control+I Command+I
Apply paragraph formatting to selected text Control+Shift+P Command+Shift+P
Apply heading formatting (H1–H6) to selected text Control+1 through 6 Command+1 through 6
Add new paragraph Return Return
Add a line break <BR> Shift+Return Shift+Return
Insert a nonbreaking space Command+Shift+Spacebar Command+Shift+Spacebar
Move object or text Drag selection to new location Drag selection to new location
Copy object or text Control-drag selection to new location Option-drag selection to new location
Select a word Double-click Double-click
Select a row or text block Triple-click Triple-click
Insert image Control+Alt+I Command+Option+I
Insert table Control+Alt+T Command+Option+T
Run a spell check Shift+F7 Shift+F7
Open the Help window F1 F1
Zoom in Control+= Command+=
Zoom out Control+- Command+-
Preview in primary browser F12 Option+F12
Preview in secondary browser Shift+F12 or Control+F12 Command+F12
Live View Alt+F11 Option+F11
Freeze JavaScript F11 F11
Inspect Alt+Shift+F11 Option+Shift+F11
Code Navigator Control+Alt+N Command+Option+N
Get Control+Shift+D Command+Shift+D
Put Control+Shift+U Command+Shift+U
Check in Control+Alt+Shift+U Command+ Option+Shift+U
Check out Control+Alt+Shift+D Command+ Option+Shift+D