How to Set Links to Many Pages at the Same Time in Dreamweaver

By Janine Warner

After you become used to setting links in Dreamweaver, here’s a really helpful shortcut that is especially useful if you’re setting many links to many pages at the same time:

  1. Select the image or text that you want to serve as the link.

  2. Click the Point to File icon in the Property inspector.

    The icon is a crosshair (a circle with a dot in the middle) and is located just to right of the Link field and to the left of the Browse icon (which looks like a folder).

  3. Drag your cursor across the page (without taking your finger off the left mouse button) and rest it on the name of any file you choose in the Files panel.

    When you click and drag from the Point to File icon to a filename in this way, Dreamweaver extends a line to help you visualize that you’re setting the link properly.


    The file must be visible in the Files panel for you to set it as a link, so you may need to open a subfolder to reveal the file before you can set a link this way.