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How to Set a Link to an E-Mail Address or PDF in Dreamweaver

By Janine Warner

Dreamweaver allows you to set links to pretty much anything you want. As you get a little farther along with your site, you may want to link to an e-mail address or PDF files to give your visitors more options.

How to set a link to an e-mail address in Dreamweaver

Another common link option goes to an e-mail address. Visitors can send you messages easily with e-mail links. You should invite visitors to contact you because including contact information helps establish credibility on the web and because visitors to your site can point out mistakes and give you valuable feedback about how you can improve your site.

Setting a link to an e-mail address is just as easy as setting a link to another web page. All you need to know is the e-mail address you want to link to and what text or image you want to use when you set the link.

To create an e-mail link, select the text you want to link and then click the Email Link icon in the Common Insert panel. In the Email Link dialog box, enter the e-mail address in the Email field and then click OK.

If you want to use an image as an e-mail link, select an image in Dreamweaver’s main work area, click the Email Link icon in the Common Insert panel, and then type the e-mail link into the Email field.

You can also set e-mail links using the Link field in the Property inspector, but you must enter the code mailto: (no //) before the e-mail address. For example, if you typed a link to this e-mail address into the Property inspector, you’d type Here’s what the full line of code behind that e-mail link would look like:

<a href=””>Send a message to Janine</a>

When visitors to your website click an e-mail link, their computer systems automatically launch their e-mail program and create a blank e-mail message to the specified e-mail address. Although this trick is cool, your users may find an e-mail’s sudden appearance disconcerting if they don’t expect it to happen, and the e-mail link won’t work if your users don’t have e-mail programs on their computers.

How to link to PDFs in Dreamweaver

Adobe’s Portable Document Format (PDF) is popular on the Internet, and with good reason. Now that Adobe’s Acrobat Reader is widely distributed and even built into more recent browser versions, you can assume that most of your audience can read files in PDF.

PDF is a great option for files that you want to make easy to download in their entirety to be saved on a hard drive, as well as documents that you want printed exactly as they’re designed. Because the PDF viewer is free, your users don’t need expensive software, such as Microsoft Word or Lotus Notes, to view your documents.

In the early days, PDFs were limited to text and images, but the most recent versions support audio, video, and even Flash files, so you can now create complex multimedia presentations in PDF format.

To add a PDF file to your website, simply copy the file into your local site folder and link to it as you’d link to any other web page on your site. When you upload the page with the link to your PDF file, make sure to upload the PDF as well.