How to Manage Sites in Dreamweaver - dummies

How to Manage Sites in Dreamweaver

By Janine Warner

After you complete the site setup process, you can make any changes and additions to the site setup by choosing Site→Manage Sites to open the Manage Sites dialog box.


To edit a site that you’ve already set up, select the name of the site in the Manage Sites dialog box, and then click an icon at the bottom left of the dialog box to make changes. Your options using the icons, from left to right, are as follows:

  • The minus sign icon deletes a site from the Manage Sites dialog box. When you delete a site from the list, you don’t delete the site’s files or folders from your hard drive; you simply remove the site setup in Dreamweaver.

  • The Edit icon looks like a pencil and opens the site in the Site Setup dialog box, where you can change the name by replacing the text in the Site Name field and change the local site folder by clicking the Browse icon (which looks like a file folder) and selecting a different folder.

  • The Duplicate icon (the third icon from the left) makes a copy of the site setup but does not make a new copy of the files and folders of the site on your hard drive. To make a copy of all files in a website, duplicate the site folder on your hard drive, just as you’d make a copy of any other folder or file on your computer.

  • The Export icon (the fourth icon from the left) exports the site setup definition. Similar to the duplicate option, the option does not create a copy of the files in the site. Instead, the Export icon exports the .ste file, which can be used to share site setup information. This feature is especially useful if you’ve set up the web server information as part of your site setup.

At the bottom of the Manage Sites dialog box, you find four buttons:

  • Import Site: The Import Site button lets you import a .ste file to add site setup information to Dreamweaver.

  • New Site: Click this button to define a new site. (The process is the same as choosing Site→New Site.)

  • Business Catalyst buttons: You also find two buttons specifically for importing and creating new sites using Adobe’s Business Catalyst service. Business Catalyst is a hosted web service that extends the features of Dreamweaver to include advanced features, such as a shopping cart e-commerce service.