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How to Make Dreamweaver Attributes Editable

By Janine Warner

In addition to making any element in a page editable, you can also make the attributes of any element in Dreamweaver editable. This step is necessary only if you want to make an attribute editable when the tag itself is not editable (for example, when you want the ability to change the background image of a <div> tag but not the <div> tag itself).

Editable attributes are especially handy when you want to identify the open page of a site by changing the color of the link to that page. For example, suppose that all your links are blue in the navigation bar, but you want each page link to change to the color red when that page is open.

By making only the color attribute of the link editable, you can change the blue color of, say, the About us link to red when a visitor is on the corresponding About us page.

To create editable attributes in a template, follow these steps:

  1. In any Dreamweaver template, select an item to which you want to give an editable attribute.

    To make sure you’ve selected a link and not just the text, click anywhere in the linked text and then use the Tag Selector at the bottom of the workspace to select the <a> tag.


  2. Choose Modify→Templates→Make Attribute Editable.

    The Editable Tag Attributes dialog box appears.


  3. From the Attribute drop-down list, choose the attribute you want to make editable.

    The attribute options vary depending on whether you select an image, a link, text, or another element on the page.

    The link tag is one of the most confusing HTML tags because it’s known as the anchor tag and displayed as just an <a> in the Tag Selector. However, the full tag is <a href>, and in the Editable Tag Attributes dialog box, it’s identified as HREF.

    If the attribute you want isn’t listed, click the Add button and then enter the name of the attribute.

  4. Select the Make Attribute Editable check box.

    The options for that attribute become active in the bottom of the dialog box.

  5. In the Type drop-down list, select an attribute type.

    The link tag has several attributes.

  6. Click OK to make the attribute editable and close the dialog box.

To change an editable attribute in a page created from a template, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new page from the template, or open any page that was created with the template.

  2. Choose Modify→Template Properties.

    The Template Properties dialog box opens, listing any editable attributes.

  3. Select the attribute you want to edit to see your options in the bottom of the dialog box.

    To change the color of the link, select href to display the template properties. Then, click the color swatch in the bottom left of the Template Properties dialog box and select a color.

  4. Click OK to close the dialog box and save the setting.

    The new setting is applied when the dialog box closes.