How to Insert Flash SWF Files in Dreamweaver - dummies

How to Insert Flash SWF Files in Dreamweaver

By Janine Warner

Flash files, often called Flash movies, use the .swf extension and can include animations, graphics, photos, and video. Thanks to Dreamweaver, these files are relatively easy to insert into a web page. You insert a Flash file much as you insert an image file. But because a Flash file can do much more than a still image, you have a variety of options for controlling how your Flash file plays.

Before you start, make sure to save the Flash file you want to insert in the main folder for your website. Consider creating a multimedia subfolder in your main website folder for audio and other multimedia files, just as most designers create an image folder for image files.

To add a Flash file to a website, open an existing page or create a new document and save the file. Then follow these steps:

  1. Click where you want the Flash file to appear on your web page.

  2. If the Insert panel is not already open, choose Window→Insert. Then use the drop-down list to select the Media panel.


  3. From the Media drop-down list in the Media Insert panel, choose the Flash SWF option.

    You can also choose Insert→Media→Flash SWF. The Select SWF dialog box appears.


  4. Browse to locate the Flash file that you want to insert in your page, select the file, and click OK.

    The Object Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box opens.

  5. In the Object Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box, enter a title that describes the Flash file and click OK.

    The dialog box closes, and the Flash file is inserted into your document.

    You can also specify an access key and tab index in the Object Tag Accessibility Attributes dialog box. These optional settings make it easier for visitors with disabilities to navigate your website with special browsers.

When you first insert a Flash file, Dreamweaver displays it as a gray box on your web page. To display the Flash file as it will appear in a web browser when viewed with the Flash player, click anywhere in the gray box to select the Flash file and then click the Play button in the Property inspector.

(Note: The Play and Stop buttons are available only under Windows.) If you have the Flash player installed on your computer, the Flash file will play when you preview the page in a browser. You can also choose Live view to see how Flash will play, although more complex Flash movies may cause this function to stop, skip, or otherwise misbehave.