How to Create Files and Create and Delete Folders in Dreamweaver - dummies

How to Create Files and Create and Delete Folders in Dreamweaver

By Janine Warner

Dreamweaver gives you multiple options for managing the information on your website. You can create a folder as well as delete folders and files. Just follow these fast and easy steps:

  1. Open the site you want to work on (if it’s not already open in Dreamweaver) by selecting the site name from the drop-down list at the top of the Files panel.

    When you select a site by clicking the site name, the folders and files in that site appear in the Files panel.

  2. Click the plus sign (Windows) or the small arrow (Mac) to open the local site folder or any subfolder to display the files within the folder.

    Click the minus sign to close a folder or subfolder.

  3. To create a new folder in the Files panel:

    1. Right-click (Option-click on a Mac) the main site folder or any subfolder where you want to create a new folder.

      A list of options appears.

    2. Choose New Folder from the list.

      A new, untitled folder appears inside the folder just selected in the preceding step.

    3. Name the new folder by typing new text to replace the word Untitled.

      After you’ve created a new folder, you can drag files or other folders in the Files panel into the new folder.

  4. To delete a folder or file from the Files panel, select the file or folder and then press the Delete or Backspace key.

    This action will permanently delete the folder or file from your hard drive.