How to Create a Page from a Dreamweaver Template - dummies

How to Create a Page from a Dreamweaver Template

By Janine Warner

After you create a template in Dreamweaver, it’s time to put it to use. You can use one template to create all the pages in your website or create different templates for different sections. Whether you create one template or a collection of templates for your site, creating a page from a template is similar to creating any other page in Dreamweaver.

To use a template to create a page, follow these steps:

  1. Choose File→New.

    The New Document window opens.

  2. In the list on the left, click the Page from Template option.


  3. In the Site list, choose the name of the site that contains a template you want to use.

    The templates in the selected site appear in the Template for Site section just to the right of the Site list in the New Document window.

  4. In the Template for Site list, select the template you want to use.

    Note that when you click the name of a template, a preview of the selected template appears on the far right of the New Document window.

  5. Click the Create button.

    A new page is created from the template and appears in the main work area.

  6. Edit any region of the page that’s editable with Dreamweaver’s regular editing features and save the file as you would save any other HTML page.

When you create new pages from a template, you can change only the editable regions in each file created from the template. When you edit a template, only the regions that aren’t defined as editable can be used to make global changes to all the pages created from the template.

In this template, only the main content area of the design can be edited in the page created from the template. The banner area at the top, the navigation on the left, and the footer with the copyright and address at the bottom are all locked regions that can be edited only in the template itself.