Generate HTML from the Dreamweaver Insert Menu - dummies

Generate HTML from the Dreamweaver Insert Menu

By David Karlins, Doug Sahlin

Some commonly used HTML elements (like images or forms) are inserted directly from menu options in the Dreamweaver Insert menu. But you can also insert any HTML tag from the menu by choosing Insert→Tag and expanding the HTML tags folder.

For example, with the <b> tag selected, the Tag Info area explains what this tag does (applies boldface) and provides an example.


Use the Tag Chooser panel

To use the Tag Chooser panel to apply tags, first select text and then click the Insert button. You can keep the Tag Chooser panel open as you edit your page, and select text with the panel open.

When you click the Insert button in the Tag Chooser panel, the Tag Editor dialog box opens. Here, you can define parameters for your tag. Tags are modified with parameters, and you can define parameters for the tag you’re applying with the Tag Editor dialog box. For example, here a Title attribute (popup text) is applied to the <b> tag.


After you define tag parameters in the Tag Editor dialog box, click OK to apply the element to selected text.

In sum, the Tag Chooser panel is a full-featured reference and assistant for choosing and applying HTML.

The Insert HTML menu

Having seen how powerful the Tag Chooser is, you might wonder why Dreamweaver also has an Insert→HTML submenu. For the most part it’s an evolutionary holdover from earlier versions of Dreamweaver. But sometimes the HTML submenu provides quicker access to common HTML elements than the encyclopedic Tag Chooser.

One of our favorite options here is getting quick access to a web page’s head content. Choosing Insert→HTML→Head Tags opens dialog boxes for defining metadata, such as page description and keywords.