Dreamweaver CS6 Properties Inspector and Insert Menu

By David Karlins, Doug Sahlin

The Properties Inspector is used to apply many of the most useful and commonly used HTML tags to selected content, and, to define parameters for those tags. The Insert menu provides another way of generating HTML.

The Properties Inspector is context-sensitive, meaning that its tools and features vary depending on what type of element is active in the Document window. If you have an image selected, for example, the Properties Inspector provides tools to size, align, or set spacing around it.


Similarly, if you have text selected, the Properties Inspector provides formatting tools you can use to, say, assign a heading or paragraph tag to that text, make it part of a list, apply boldface or italic, and indent.

The Insert menu provides another way of generating HTML (as well as other content). For example, you use the Insert menu to place images on a page, to design forms, and to define links.