Dreamweaver CS4 Command Shortcuts - dummies

Dreamweaver CS4 Command Shortcuts

Part of Dreamweaver CS4 All-In-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When designing Web pages in Dreamweaver CS4, these shortcut key commands will help get things done a lot faster. Working in Dreamweaver CS4 is more efficient when you use this chart for PC and Mac key combinations and the tasks they perform in Dreamweaver:

To Do This: (Action) Press: (PC Shortcut) Press: (Mac Shortcut)
Create a new document Control + N Command + N
Open an existing document Control + O Command + O
Save an open document Control + S Command + S
Close an open document Control + W Command + W
Close all open documents Control + Shift + W Command + Shift + W
Quit Dreamweaver Control + Q or Alt + F4 Command + Q or Opt + F4
Undo Control + Z or Alt + Backspace Option + Delete
Redo Control + Y or Control + Shift + Z Command + Y or Command + Shift + Z
Cut Control + X or Shift + Delete Command + X or Shift + Delete
Copy Control + C or Shift + Insert Command + C or Shift + Insert
Paste Control + V Command + V
Paste Special Control + Shift + V Command + Shift + V
Select All Control + A Command + A
Find and Replace Control + F Command + F
Open the Preferences Panel Control + U Command + U
Refresh Design View F5 F5
Make Selected Text Bold Control + B Command + B
Make Selected Text Italic Control + I Command + I
Apply Paragraph Formatting to Selected Text Control + Shift + P Command + Shift + P
Apply Heading Formatting (H1-H6) to Selected Text Control + 1 through 6 Command + 1 through 6
Add New Paragraph Return Return
Add a Line Break <BR> Shift + Return Shift + Return
Insert a Non-Breaking Space Command + Shift + Spacebar Command + Shift + Spacebar
Move object or text Drag selection to new location Drag selection to new location
Copy object or text Control-drag selection to new location Option-drag selection to new location
Select a word Double-click Double-click
Select a row Triple-click Triple-click
Run a Spell Check Shift + F7 Shift + F7
Open the Help Window F1 F1
Zoom In Control + = Command + =
Zoom Out Control + – Command + –
Preview in Primary Browser F12 Option + F12
Preview in Secondary Browser Shift + F12 or Control + F12 Command + F12
LiveView Alt + F11 Option + F11