Apply Paragraph and Heading Tags with the Dreamweaver Properties Inspector

By David Karlins, Doug Sahlin

The Dreamweaver Properties Inspector can be used to define both text and image attributes. Both tags (like headings, paragraph, or lists) and styles (defined by a CSS style sheet) work together to determine how text looks. It was worth taking a moment to sort that out because Dreamweaver’s Properties Inspector has both an HTML and a CSS tab.

The CSS tab is one of many ways Dreamweaver provides access to CSS styles. If you want to apply or edit the HTML tags applied to text in Dreamweaver, you have to be sure you have the HTML tab — not the CSS tab — selected.

The Dreamweaver properties inspector.

To apply an HTML tag (like paragraph, link, bullet list, or indent), click a paragraph of text and then choose a tag from the Properties Inspector. And, yes, paragraph and heading tags apply to (and only to) entire paragraphs. You apply paragraph or heading tags to a selected paragraph from the Format popup. To create distinct formatting for parts of a tag, you use Class CSS styles.

Applying HTML tags to a dreamweaver project.

Styling is — for the most part — done with CSS (style sheets), so your applied HTML tags will have very minimalist appearance attributes.