Adobe CS5 Dreamweaver Link Checking - dummies

By Jennifer Smith, Christopher Smith, Fred Gerantabee

One key benefit of the Adobe Creative Suite 5 (Adobe CS5) Dreamweaver site is its ability to see relationships between various pages and files and detect any broken links or missing images before you publish your web site for public viewing. Choose Site→Check Links Sitewide to comb your entire site to find broken links or missing or orphaned (unlinked) files.

  1. Choose Window→Files to open the Files panel.

    You can also use the F8 shortcut key (Windows or Mac).

  2. Open the Files panel menu (it’s in the upper right corner) and choose Site→Check Links Sitewide.

    The Link Checker panel appears and displays any results. Each listing shows the broken link and the name of the page that contains it to the left.

    The Link Checker lists the filename and the broken link.
    The Link Checker lists the filename and the broken link.
  3. To open and edit the page to correct the link, double-click the filename that’s shown.

    You can then edit the broken link directly from the Link Checker panel without opening the file. Click the broken link that’s displayed, and a folder icon appears next to it, on the right.

  4. Double-click the folder to open the Select File dialog box and choose an available file to correct the link or relink it to a different file.

  5. Click OK (Windows) or Choose (Mac).

If you want to change a link that appears across several pages, open the Files panel menu and choose Site→Change Links Sitewide. When the panel appears, you’re asked which file the original link points to and you can specify a new file to link to instead.

Your answer changes all links to that file sitewide, so don’t use this command if you want to change that link on only certain pages.